• Work from anywhere with an internet connection
  • Unlimited User license
  • Increased capacity: Handle many more demonstrations with same amount of staff
  • Reduce billing time
  • Reduce scheduling time
  • Determine project status immediately
  • Identify late assignments at a glance
  • Bulk printing of field rep packages
  • Reduce postage fees (field reps can print their own packages)
  • Increase number of demonstrators (field representatives ) - recruit and capture field rep info over the Internet.

9 points to consider when comparing In-Store Demonstration Software

  1. 100% Web Powered Software
    Using web powered software has numerous critical advantages over desktop applications:
    • Unlimited user license
    • No software to install or maintain - any computer on the internet can be running your software instantly
    • Work from multiple locations - home, office, on the road
    • No extra computers, servers to buy, no network to maintain
    • Field demonstrators can self-manage their accounts over the web: recruiting, entering and updating address, email, phone, passwords, etc.
  2. One-Click Booking & Auto Booking
    DemoZilla's powerful booking features allows your company to handle enormous accounts with the same number of employees.

    Our system makes it easy to find the demonstrators in your system that are close to the demonstration site and are available to work on the specified date. With one click, an entire demo can be assigned to a demonstrator:
    • Dates and location information
    • Detailed instructions
    • Links to generate their own paper work
    • Payment information
    • Contact info
    Looking to save even MORE time on booking? DemoZilla's revolutionary Auto Booking feature:
    • Searches for eligible demonstrators (those near the demonstation locations and having a sufficient quality rating)
    • Automatically informs them by email that an assignment is available
    • Posts available demos on a web page (the "Job Board")
    • Allows eligible demonstrators to instantly assign themselves demos (with checks that they are not double booked on that day)
  3. We are not a demo company
    Unlike some systems which are developed by companies that also do demonstrations themselves, DemoZilla is designed by a company that ONLY does software development.

    You can feel secure in placing your company's data in our system. We will never compete with you for clients, change the system to fit OUR process instead of yours, or terminate your company's license to use our software.

  4. Free Upgrades - Instantly!
    Our mystery shopping clients (who use our industry leading "SASSIE" software) have enjoyed free standard upgrades for the last 5 years. Unlike other platforms that do not upgrade for years at a time, DemoZilla will continually evolve to accommodate changes in your industry, and our free standard upgrades will keep your company permanently on the cutting edge of technology.

    Best of all, because DemoZilla is a web application, the upgrades will happen automatically - you do not need to install updates or bug fixes on every computer in your company.

  5. Automatic Check-In (Web & IVR)
    Your demonstrators will be able to notify you that a demonstration has occurred by one of two methods:
    • Web Check-In - demonstrators simply enter a code on a web page to check-in.
    • IVR - demonstrators call into a automated phone center to check-in.
    These check-ins will be entered automatically into your system. At a glance you will be able to see which demonstration are proceeding as scheduled, and which are not.

  6. Experience and Service
    Our mystery shopping software SASSIE has led the industry for 5 years, is currently used by over 60 companies for 1500 clients in over 130 countries. With DemoZilla, we can now offer demo scheduling companies the same unparalleled level of experience and service:

    Our staff of 20+ employees provide:
    • Free Training
    • Technical Support
    • Technology Consultation
    • Custom Programming
    • Database Backups
  7. Performance and Stability
    Our data center is designed with the following features to ensure you rock solid performance and stability even under extreme conditions.
    • Load balanced server architecture
    • Hot database replication for ZERO data loss
    • RAID hard drive assemblies
    • Our web hosting facility receives high speed internet connections from 6 different providers, ensuring you smooth, reliable connections to your system at all times.
  8. Flexible Payroll Handling
    Compile payroll records with our easy to use tools, and export data to:
    • Paypal for instant bulk electronic payments
    • Quickbooks
    • We can customize payroll exports to your specifications
  9. Real Time Web Reporting
    Demozilla's web reporting tools allows you and your client 24/7access to critical data:
    • Status Count - At a glance, see how all of your projects are proceeding
    • Missing Paperwork - See all of the demonstrators who have not submitted required paperwork.
    • Client Recap - provider your client an instant summary of their entire

Download "9 Points to consider when comparing In-Store Demonstration Software" as a PDF