Case Study

All-Ways In-Store is a regional in-store demonstration and merchandising company providing an array of services including sampling, coupon distribution, POS installation, and store audits.

All-Ways In-Store needed to improve its performance in ten states in the Mid-Atlantic and New England Region and increase its overall profitability through increased sales. All-Ways was operating in a very labor intensive environment. All event information was communicated to the Field Coordinators through telephone and fax. Data collection was exceptionally difficult as all data had to be consolidated and calculated by hand. Although accountability for results was stressed, there was no way to quickly present the data.

In June 2003, All-Ways In-Store started using a web-based demonstration tool that was the predecessor to DemoZilla. All employees had immediate access to the data pertaining to their portion of the business. Accountability for results was now the first item reviewed every morning. Instead of having to ask if an event was executed on a specific weekend, the event team was focused on whether the event executed on the specific day requested. Instead of using faxes or telephones to transfer data, all the data was readily accessible from everyone's personal computer. Besides analyzing the results of the field team, this application provided the data needed to correct issues in the warehouse and shipping departments. Having the specific data about why an event did not execute allowed problems to be identified and corrected at all levels of the organization. This application also located payroll processing and tracking in one place. Time no longer had to be wasted tracking down payments for specific demonstrators.

Using a web-based application helped improve All-Ways In-Store's overall performance from an average of 85% on-date billing to over 94% in just a few months. The application also allowed the immediate reviews of all employees and the assignment of accountability for specific regions. This improvement in execution and overall performance created the opportunity for an increase in sales of almost 40% and an increase in profit per event of over 66%. Having their crucial data readily available on the Internet facilitated a better understanding of the business by all employees and created a sense of personal responsibility for not only their individual results but also for the organization's results as a whole. Without this application, All-Ways In-Store would be just another staffing agency.